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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pay it Forward

My husband and I watched Pay it Forward for the first time the other night. I know, it’s an old movie. My daughter came into the room and asked, “So, how many times have you seen this movie?” “None,” was our answer. “Never? You’ve never seen it?” She was shocked at our movie paucity, but assured us we’d chosen well.

Watching this movie, only days before Christmas, got me to thinking about little, and, yes, even big acts of kindness. We like to think of the holidays as a time for such things, but often we get stuck in the machine of buying and wrapping and eating and stressing, and we forget the little things. Even those of us who don’t quite buy into this whole judgmental-old-man with an a long white beard, (Santa, or God, if you wish) who, if we’re naughty, brings us coal or damns us to hell -- even the most syndical of us, must surely abide by simple acts of kindness. Those of you who’ve read my maraschino cherry essay, might not believe I’m capable of such a thing, but let me assure you, this holiday season and beyond, I will (even if it’s as simple as disposing of a half of maraschino cherry) offer up little acts of kindness. My only request from the recipients -- pay it forward . . .

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  1. Visiting from Book Blogs. Nice pictures--love your dog too!